Dr Bao Nguyen

Dr Bao Nguyen is a Professor in Physical Organic Chemistry at University of Leeds, where he has been from September 2012. He actively collaborates with colleagues from both the School of Chemistry and School of Chemical and Process Engineering to address current challenges in process chemistry. He is a core member of the Institute of Process Research and Development (iPRD), a flagship institute set up by the Leeds Transformation Fund.

Dr Nguyen did his PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Oxford, under the supervision of Dr John M. Brown FRS. He then moved to Dr Michael C. Willis' group, where he developed the first Pd-catalysed coupling reaction employing sulfur dioxide by suppressing catalyst deactivation. Afterward, he joined Imperial College London, working in Dr King Kuok Hii's group to delineate the nature of the palladium species in different catalytic reactions and developing separation methods for these species. He was awarded his first independent position as a Ramsay Memorial Fellow at Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London.

Current Group Members

Previous members

Krishna Sharma (PDRA, 2020-2023)
Alison McCorry (PhD, 2019-2023)
Ruby Robinson (MChem, 2022-2023)
Katarzyna Maltby (PDRA, 2021-2022)
Marc Short (PhD, 2019-2022)
Xiaoying Ding (MSc, 2022)
Rosalie Hamill (PhD, 2018-2022)
Edgar Frost (MChem, 2022)
William Shaw (MChem, 2022)
Aneesa Ahmad (PDRA, 2022)
Zeshen Wang (MSc, 2020-2021)
Edward Chapman (MSc, 2020-2021)
James Lloyd (PhD, 2021-2021)
Samuel Boobier (PhD, 2017-2021)
Joseph Sheppard (PhD, 2016-2020)
Katie Beckwith (MChem, 2021)
Megan St John-Perry (MChem, 2021)
Sannia Farooque (PDRA, 2019-2021)
Connor Sherwin (MChem, 2020)
Antonia Feilden (MChem, 2020)
Robin Adderley (MSc in Chemical Engineering, 2019)
Jay Soni (MSc in Chemical Engineering, 2019)
Thomas Dent (PhD, 2015-2019)
Blanca Ivonne Vergara Arenas (Visiting PhD, UAMM, 2017)
Erwin Maters (MChem 2017, Leeds)
Sophie Robinson (MChem 2017, Leeds)
Rachel Nicholls (PDRA, PhD 2013-2017)
Grant Sherborne (PhD 2013-2017)
Michael Chapman (PhD 2013-2016)
Manuel Cervantes (visting student 2017)
Rupert Laslett (MChem 2016, Leeds)
Benjamin Kyffin (PhD 2015-2016)
William Reynolds (PDRA 2014).
Luke Power (MSc in Chemical Engineering 2017)
James Miller (MChem 2015, Leeds)
Lucas Homar (MChem 2014, Leeds)
Ratanang F. Serefentse (MEng 2012, Leeds)
Orugbani Solomon Eli (MSc 2014, Leeds)
Olamide Shokunbi (MEng 2014)
David Hahn (Erasmus 2011, Imperial College)
Yarseen Shafi: MSc student in Chemical Engineering at University of Leeds in 2013.
Patrick Foley: Clothworkers funded summer student at University of Leeds in 2013.
Thomas McDevitt: MChem student at Imperial College London in 2011-2012.
Simon Kaufhold (Erasmus/MChem 2011-2012)
Filip Šebest: UROP student at Imperial College London in 2012.
Clément Mauger Jourdan: UROP student at Imperial College London in 2011. Clément came from Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris.
Sammy Chan: UROP student at Imperial College London in 2011. Sammy came from University of Cambridge.
Janie Anka-Lufford: UROP student at Imperial College London in 2012.